Srirangam 3

Heritage: In use

World Heritage Day passed by on April 18 and I realized it only today (Thanks to UDC for the heads up)!  Brings back into focus some hotly debated questions: What is heritage? What is history? History versus development? Questions that are too big to answer maybe, but need to be asked now nonetheless. What makes a house a…

Monochrome madness


  I happened to be flipping through Jason Lutes work on Berlin at the book store yesterday, and was inspired to indulge in some monochrome sketches on the way back home and thereafter! Enjoy!

Let there be light

Let there be light

There stood a bakery once, Greasy chips and sweets for the taking. But they cleared it to make way for a underpass and an overpass Or a combination of the two, I cannot say, for what does it matter? On its ruins, there sits a man now; Making conversation with the flower seller a few…

March of the trees

The uprising.

What would happen if, one day, all the trees got tired of the never-ending sprawl of our cities and decided to revolt against us? Here is one vision, The March of the Trees. I guess it would be a better world where Tolkien’s ents lived. (Photo taken at Kodaikanal, Tamil Nadu on a misty morning.)